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Our interactive profiler helps you map your organisation’s current and target cloud maturity profile against essential considerations and criteria. This easy to use tool provides an effective visual guide to plan and develop your cloud roadmap.

The complete cloud navigation framework

Delivering effective technology change is no simple task, with so many aspects to consider.

The growth of cloud services during the last 10 years has been staggering, and forecasts suggest that in the next few years, cloud will become the dominant IT platform, overtaking traditional data centre sourcing.

Historical barriers to transformation such as security and compliance have been addressed across most business sectors and applications. Organisations are realising that cloud is now the direction for the most innovative, flexible and cost-effective infrastructure, data and application technology transformation.


The cloud market is maturing rapidly but this doesn’t mean transformation is easy. With a plethora of sourcing routes and technology options available, organisations are faced with trying to rationalise these alternatives and plot the optimal course solution for their own unique requirements and objectives.

Cloud Maturity Matrix

The most effective transformation journeys start with establishing the context, drivers, and the scope of the change, establishing the goal of the change objectively with an organisation-wide perspective.

Our cloud and transformation specialists have developed a tool capturing the key criteria, considerations and change agenda called the Cloud Maturity Matrix, delivering an interactive solution to guide you on your cloud transformation journey.

We don’t just map against your infrastructure requirements – we provide a 360 degree assessment across four dimensions of technology maturity.

Your transformation partner

Many organisations are migrating incrementally – one workload, service or application at a time. This approach makes sense but organisations can lose sight of the broader perspective and the impact on their organisation’s strategy, culture, infrastructure and capabilities.

Our Cloud Maturity Matrix will help reveal the optimum solution, giving you confidence to start your transformation, understand what is needed to build internal engagement and go on to achieve your cloud-driven goals.



Assess your current organisational posture and establish the domain of change



Plan to address the technical and wider organisational factors governing change



Establish the cloud operating framework to sustain and realise your change objectives and value

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