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Partner Programme

The Pulsant Partner Programme is focused on helping our partners grow and build successful businesses by leveraging Pulsant’s leading Infrastructure, IT transformation, and multi-cloud solutions. This includes exciting new technologies like Azure Stack.

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Why Partner with Pulsant?

Provide more cost effective OPEX based solutions

Not just to meet colocation needs, add cloud-based services for more complete end to end solutions

Immediate market impact

Benefit from our infrastructure, IT transformation and multi-cloud solutions

Expand your reach

Help you target additional customers and increase your addressable market in the UK

Complement your value proposition

Gives you a UK wide offering & interconnection story overnight with no upfront investment

Enhance your profitability

Dedicated partner pricing

Deliver the benefits of cloud to your customers

With our 10 wholly owned data centres across the UK, delivering colocation and infrastructure services, we will have a solution that fits your customers’ requirements now and in the future. Pulsant is ready to help you with your data centre requirements including Colocation, Private, Multi and Hybrid Cloud offerings.


We own and operate a network of UK enterprise-class data centres. With sites across the UK, connected by a high-performance network, your organisation has a choice of locations to secure your customers IT infrastructure.

Programme Schemes


Referral Programme

The Referral Partnership provides our partners and customers with a simple, easy, and profitable way to refer Pulsant opportunities across our portfolio.

Whether you are an agent, master agent or consultant, we want to help you earn commissions by leveraging the Pulsant brand in the marketplace to uncover new opportunities

  • Simple and intuitive programme
  • One-time upfront payment for your referrals
  • Tools and resources to help grow your referral business


The Reseller Partnership is the ideal revenue generator for web and app developers, cloud providers, MSPs and VARs. With Pulsant, you can offer hosting, cloud, technology distribution, and a suite of services to complement and support your core competencies, while cumulating additional revenue without expansion costs.

You continue to interface with your customers and we’ll bring our stability and Hybrid Azure solution expertise to bear for you.

  • Enables partners to deploy and maintain end-to-end solutions for their customers
  • Tiered programme discounts
  • Provision and bill your customers directly
  • Tools and technology to deliver high performing digital experiences
  • Earn generous discounts

Strategic Partner Programme

As a strategic partner, we will work together in the development and execution of a unique, end-to-end value proposition for your customers, delivering new opportunities, increasing profitability and closing deals faster.

  • Partner strategy to target specific verticals or market opportunity
  • Aligns with company product offering to create highest potential and impact
  • Creates end-to-end value proposition for customers while increasing Pulsant brand awareness
  • Dedicated sales and technical resources to support your sales engagements
  • The programme is by invitation only where benefits increase along with your efforts and investment.

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