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AWS managed services

Trusted AWS managed cloud service provider with 24x7 support, monitoring, backups, patching, and compliance services from a team of Certified AWS Engineers.

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We will review the performance of your infrastructure and ensure that you are using the services that are cost-effective for you.

Managed AWS

Pulsant Managed AWS

AWS is a scalable, secure, high-performance, and cost-effective cloud platform.

A Pulsant Managed AWS solution is designed for you by our experienced and expert team of architects and engineers, whose specialist skills will create a solution that will enhance your business and drive value by meeting your specific requirements.

With Pulsant Managed AWS you get:

Continuous improvement, refinement and cost optimisation — we will review the performance of your infrastructure and ensure that you are using the services that are cost-effective for you.

Resource protection and governance to ensure resiliency and help with compliance requirements.

Simplified and consolidated billing — managing the billing of the platform or as part of a hybrid service from Pulsant.

Best practice identity and access management

Network management

Security management and recommendations

Support from our expert cloud architects

Cloud maturity matrix

Your essential first step to optimise future business performance

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High performing, scalable, elastic cloud

As a certified AWS Managed Service Provider and Advanced Consulting Partner, Pulsant gives you direct access to a wealth of not only AWS knowledge but cloud expertise in general. We have the resources and expertise it takes to deliver an AWS Managed Services solution that meets your needs and drives business value.

Embedded into the Pulsant Managed AWS service are the best practices and governance policies which enable you to meet and maintain compliance standards and SLAs, manage cost control, and ensure that deployed services are built with future considerations in mind right from the start.

We believe that without taking a managed and considered approach to deployment in an AWS platform, customers face a real potential of increased risk to business and infrastructure, increased costs, limited service flexibility, and design lock-in. To help mitigate these risks, Pulsant takes an approach born from our long and rich heritage in cloud and managed services.


Consume only the amount of computing, storage and other IT resources needed. No long-term commitment, minimum spend or up-front investment is required.

Elastic and scalable

Quickly add and subtract resources to applications to meet customer demand and manage costs.


Use familiar architectures, databases, operating systems and programming languages. Improve overall productivity and time to market without the need for IT to learn new skills.


AWS services are built and delivered in accordance with the industry’s highest and strictest security best practices covering all major certifications and frameworks.

When you purchase AWS through Pulsant you get the following:

For the business that is moving to AWS but does not require a managed and supported solution, there is still benefit in purchasing AWS services through Pulsant.

As an AWS Channel Reseller Partner, Pulsant handles your AWS billing and passes cost savings directly on to you.

Consolidated billing

All AWS services provided at market rates or better

All your relevant pre-existing discounts retained, whether that be volume based or an enterprise agreement

A single consolidated invoice which includes all service components supplied by Pulsant in a hybrid environment

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